Baseline is able to provide pre-engineered, frame supported, tensioned fabric structures. Fabric Frame Buildings are year-round structures allowing you to play or work indoor in inclement weather. They are especially adaptable in hot weather because the ends open to allow natural ventilation.

    There are three types of indoor structures: air-supported, fabric frame, and solid metal frame buildings with standard roof and insulation. Each type of structure has its advantages, but the fabric frame structure is optimal due to its low overall annual operating costs. Fabric Frame structures have relatively low architectural or engineering expense since the building is pre-engineered and the site is prepared. The buildings are also advantageous because they can be easily moved or resold. Overall, fabric frame buildings are an excellent investment, and they provide a premium environment for indoor activities.

    Webb School of Knoxville


    • Retractable Curtain Endwalls for Ventilation
    • Easily Expanded or Relocated
    • Better Acoustics than Metal or Bubbles
    • Excellent Resale Value
    • Translucent Ceiling
    • Energy Efficient
    • Rapid Construction


    • Tennis
    • Soccer
    • In-line Skating
    • Golf
    • Ice Hockey
    • Baseball
    • Gymnastics
    • Swimming

    Cherokee Country Club 


    Other Applications

    • Warehouses
    • Church Facilities
    • Temporary Enclosures for Special Events
    • Industrial Applications

    Available Options

    • Choice of fabric color
    • Inner Liner
    • HVAC
    • Sports Flooring
    • Curtain Dividers
    • Roll Up Garage Doors
    • Custom Sizes
    • Full Width Doors
    • Indirect Lighting System
    • Cargo Doors
    • Retractable Curtains
    • Ceiling Fans